Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Getting this thing started.

I write my first blog as I'm sitting in the UPS store where I work, constantly interrupted by customers. I suppose this is okay, since this is my job and all. I work here by myself, all by my lonesome.  I made this blog because my best friend told me to. Apparently I am greatly influenced by others. I hope she finds my blog enjoyable. There's only a few more weeks until I plan to move to Georgia to live closer to my boyfriend Joshua and to work at another UPS Store. After working nearly a year at this UPS Store there are many things I have learned: Never use AT&T's services, they suck (we return their equipment all the time); people who drive Beatles usually get on my nerves; the mailman is the nicest person you will ever meet, treat him well; what can go wrong, will go wrong, always. I could probably write an entire blog entry on everything that has gone wrong while I've been working in this store and I probably will. I complain a lot about work but I adore my job. I complain a lot about customers but I love them anyways. However, whoever said "there is no such thing as a stupid question," has never worked in retail. I am probably one of the most awkward people I know. I don't even know how I get put in some of the situations I get in, but there I am. And I can't wait to blog about them! This way my best friend can read all about them while she is on her mission trip. This is pretty much the main purpose of this blog, if others find entertainment out of it then that's good too I guess. Also, if you like this, go check out that's my bestie's page. Shoutout. Yeah, I realize now this is kinda all over the place, but I promise it will get more organized as time goes on, well maybe not, I did flunk English first semester and received a "D" second semester. I'm trying. <3

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